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Release of Climate Council's report - This Is What Climate Change Looks Like

This is what climate change looks like. It's happening, we're seeing it, and we can't ignore it. The Climate Council have released this report to show what is happening... it's devastating. Take a look.

It's a graphical and sobering representation of the effects of climate change that we are currently witnessing, including:

  • Loss of biodiversity

  • Species extinction

  • Droughts

  • Dry lightning strikes

  • Heatwaves

  • Long-term drying of the Murray Darling Basin.

It is so hard to read about this. So much of this was preventable. Strong evidence existed at least 15 years ago and we have been talking about it on the side, planning for it, and slowly, (slowly!) making changes. I understand that action is being taken and renewables are a good news story on that front, but the time has passed for snail-paced action. We now need quick and whole of system change... And that will take sacrifice.

In its conclusion, the Climate Council's report highlights the need to "move the goalposts" on conservation policy and natural resource management. To redouble our efforts to combat and reverse the effects of habitat loss and degradation and to be bold and proactive in our conservation efforts.

It also states that conservation is not enough on its own and that we need to achieve "deep and rapid cuts to greenhouse gas emissions to meet the target of the Paris Climate Agreement", and given the changes that have happening with 1°C of warming, this cannot be delayed.

We have renewable energy and storage technologies now and need to accelerate the transition to 100% renewables (go ACT!), and ramp up efforts in other areas - transport, industry, agriculture and land use.

Our people, communities, environment and yes, even our economy, depend on it.

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