Combining the human and the environmental 
to change our world.
For better.

This is me

What is it I do? It has always been a little hard to describe as I do a lot of things - some might call me a generalist. BUT I like to say I have a specific set of skills that sets me apart, and that  is my ability to combine the environmental and the social for sustainable outcomes. 

With a background in human geography and a masters degree in environmental planning, I'm well placed to advise and plan for communities of the future.

Social Sustainability  Strategy 
Stakeholder Engagement 

 Policy   Social Research

Communities and Place   Writing 

Workshop Facilitation Public Speaking

I advise government
and companies in policy, planning & strategy.

I love to understand people at both the macro and micro scale, and I think that people are at the core of our policy and planning for the future. You'll also find I see things through a lens that considers the world we are in - a climate change affected world, one that needs sustainable development prioritised and one that sees all people as equal. 

My services include:
-Stakeholder engagement strategy and execution - internal and external stakeholders
-Workshop facilitation
-Social research and demographic analysis
-Community research
-Social impact assessment
-Strategy, policy and planning advice for all things sustainability related
-Research and writing. 

My rates are flexible according to the tasks involved. Please don't hesistate to message or reach out if you would like to explore ways we can work together.

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Based in Canberra, and servicing Australia and the world.

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